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Richard Patterson Professional Corporation

We're fresh, we're experienced and we're unique because we want to bring the wisdom of our firm focus on tax, wills, estates, real estate and succession planning issues to meet your personal and family needs.  If your small business is frustrated by a surprise tax assessment, we can lend a helping hand with that. If you've had a new addition to your young family and your financial advisor asks, "Do you have a will yet?" we can lend a helping hand with that. Succession planning begins with responding to the needs and expectations of parents and children at the same time. Your work day and work week is long enough so when it comes to helping parents downsize or putting kids through school, every helping hand is a welcomed helping hand.  Let us help you with that too. These are major life steps and complex milestones and they require timely consideration. You should have someone with a legal and a tax accounting perspective on your team, we would be honoured to assist you. Call or e-mail us today to arrange an initial consultation.

Richard Patterson Professional Corporation in Mississauga

Richard Patterson Professional Corporation, in Mississauga, Ontario, is a boutique law firm operating from Clarkson Village in the city's south-west. We bring together years of experience in business, tax and the law. It is our aspiration and mission to facilitate your family's success from our family-friendly office setting.

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